Apply the DropShadow effect


DropShadowFilter is a class that stores information about drop shadow effects. Objects can be created by specifying the value of each property in the constructor arguments, or they can be created by default with no arguments, and only properties that need to be changed can be reassigned.

DropShadowFilter image

  • distance

    The offset distance for the shadow, in pixels

  • angle

    The angle of the shadow

  • color

    The color of shadow color

  • alpha

    The alpha transparency value for the color

  • blurX

    The amount of horizontal blur

  • blurY

    The amount of vertical blur

  • strength

    The strength of the imprint or spread

  • quality

    The number of times to perform the blur

  • inner

    Specifies whether the glow is an inner glow

  • knockout

    Specifies whether the object has a knockout effect

  • hideObject

    Indicates whether or not the object is hidden