Apply the Gradient Bevel effect


The GradientBevelFilter class allows you to apply and display a gradient bevel effect to an object. A gradient bevel is a beveled edge on the outside, inside, or top of an object, which is highlighted with a gradient color. The beveled edges make the object appear three-dimensional.

  • distance

    Specifies the offset distance of the shadow in pixels

  • angle

    Shadow angle

  • colors

    Array of color values to use in gradients

  • alphas

    The alpha transparency value corresponding to each color in the color array

  • ratios

    Array of color distribution ratios for the corresponding colors in the color array

  • blurX

    The amount of horizontal blur

  • blurY

    The amount of vertical blur

  • strength

    Filter effect

  • quality

    Specifies whether the object has a knockout effect

  • type

  • knockout