How to use and sample videos

Tool Area

This area contains various tools and settings such as drawing tools, text tools, project loading and saving, export settings, and language settings.

Selection Tool

Allows you to stretch, rotate, or tilt the selection.

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Shape Transform Tool

The square pointer controls straight lines, while the circle pointer controls curves.

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Pen Tool

You can draw freehand lines, and use the Shape Transform tool to change the path freely.

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Text Tool

A text area will be added by selecting the tool and specifying the range in Screen Area.

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Rectangle Tool

Using the Rectangle tool, you can draw squares and rectangles.

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Ellipse Tool

Use the Ellipse tool to draw a regular circle or an ellipse.

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Rounded Rectangle Tool

The Rounded Rectangle tool can be used to draw rounded corners and rectangles.

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Loading project data

You can restart the project by loading the saved data in '.n2d' format.

Save project data

Outputs the project data of the active tab in 'n2d' format.


Outputs the project data of the active tab in JSON format that can be played by Player. Other formats such as animated GIFs and webm can also be exported. The export format can be selected from the settings.


You can set the project language, export settings, etc.

- Layers

Export without including layers that are set to be hidden in the timeline layers.

Export layers including those that are set to be hidden in the timeline layers.

- Output

This is a JSON file with data compressed by zlib. The compression makes the file lighter, but it may cause an overhead in decompression on the Player side.

This is an uncompressed JSON file; no decompression overhead will be incurred on the Player side, but the data size will be large.

Output in webm format.

Output in GIF animation format.

- Language

You can change the display language settings.