Apply convolution effect


Allows you to apply the Matrix Convolution filter effect. Convolution creates an image by combining pixels in the input image with neighboring pixels. Convolution can be used to achieve a wide range of image effects such as blur, edge detection, sharpen, emboss, bevel, etc.

  • matrixX

    The x-dimension of the matrix

  • matrixY

    The y-dimension of the matrix

  • matrix

    Array of values to use for matrix transformation

  • divisor

    Divisor to be used during matrix transformation

  • bias

    The amount of bias to add to the result of the matrix transformation

  • preserveAlpha

    Whether the alpha channel is kept without filter effect, or whether a convolution filter is applied to the alpha channel as well as the color channel

  • clamp

    Whether or not you need to clamp the image

  • color

    Color to replace pixels outside of the source image

  • alpha

    Alpha transparency value of the color