How to use and sample videos

Controller Area

In this area, you can perform operations such as scaling, rotation, color manipulation, BlendMode, Filter, etc. on DisplayObjects in the screen area. The JavaScript tab allows you to view and edit the list of JavaScript embedded in the entire project.

Stage Setting

Set the width, height, frame rate, and background color of the display area (Stage).

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Object Setting

The name and symbol of the display object can be set. The name can be accessed with the JavaScript this.[[name]], and the symbol can be used as a dynamic class in conjunction with the framework.

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Frame Picker

The frame picker helps you visually preview and select the first frame of a MovieClip. This feature improves the user experience for animation workflows such as lip-sync.

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Controls the width, height, scaling, and rotation of the displayed object.

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Color Transform

You can adjust the color value of the display object by adding, subtracting, or multiplying red, green, blue, and transparent.

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Blend Mode

Blending mode can be used to create compound images. Compounding is the process of changing the transparency or color interaction of multiple overlapping objects. Blending allows you to blend colors in overlapping movie clips to create unique effects.

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Filters can be used to add high quality visual effects to text, and movie clips. You can also use motion tweening to animate the filter you apply.

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You can load images (jpeg, gif, png), audio (mp3), video (mp4), and SWF files as external data. It can also manage vector diagrams, text, and movie clips created on the screen.

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You can place the loaded sound data on any frame. Loop and volume settings can be made for each frame.

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It is possible to check the list of JavaScript embedded in the frame.