How to use and sample videos


Filters can be used to add high quality visual effects to text, and movie clips. You can also use motion tweening to animate the filter you apply.

  • DropShadow

    It simulates the appearance of an object casting a shadow on a surface. The shadow algorithm is based on the same box filter used in the Blur filter. There are multiple options for the drop shadow style, including inner shadow, outer shadow, and knockout mode.

  • Blur

    The Blur effect blurs the details of an image. You can create a blur that looks like soft focus, or a Gaussian blur that looks hazy, as if you are viewing the image through translucent glass. If you set the quality property of this filter to low, the blur will appear to be soft-focused; if you set the quality property to high, it will resemble a Gaussian blur filter.

  • Glow

    There are multiple options for the glow style, including inner glow, outer glow, and knockout mode. The glow filter is very similar to the drop shadow filter with the distance and angle properties set to 0.

  • Bevel

    Apply the bevel effect to objects such as buttons to give them a three-dimensional representation. You can customize the appearance of the bevel by using different highlight colors, shadow colors, amount of bevel blur, bevel angle, bevel placement, and knockout effects.

  • GradientGlow

    Gradation glow is a realistic glow with a controllable color gradient. Gradation glow can be applied around the inner or outer edges of an object, or on top of an object.

  • GradientBevel

    Gradient bevels are beveled edges on the outside, inside, or top of an object, which are emphasized by a gradient color. The beveled edges give the object a three-dimensional appearance.