How to use and sample videos

Screen Area

This is the area where you can check the drawing information such as viewing, placement, and stacking order of the DisplayObjects displayed on the Stage in the current frame. You can preview and play the Player by pressing Command+Enter or Ctrl+Enter.


You can add or delete a new project, or specify the project you are currently working on.

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Allows you to control the stacking order of the displayed objects.

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The selected display object can be aligned horizontally or vertically. Vertically, it can be aligned with the right, center, or left edge of the selected display object; horizontally, it can be aligned with the top or bottom edge of the selected display object.

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Distribute to Keyframes/Layers

Multiple DisplayObjects selected on the screen area can be distributed to each keyframe or layer. Right-click on a DisplayObject in the screen area and select "Distribute to Layers" or "Distribute to Keyframes".

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