How to use and sample videos

Timeline Area

This is the area where you can control layers, animation keyframes, etc. You can set the Label name, embed any JavaScript in the frame, and control the addition and removal of tweens for each layer.

Frame KeyFrame

The length of time (frames) will be divided according to the FPS value. You can control the display objects placed on the frames in the timeline. A keyframe is a frame on the timeline where a new symbol instance will be displayed. Keyframes can also embed code (JavaScript) that controls the display object.

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Normal Layer

Each layer is independent, and drawing or editing a display object on one layer does not affect the display objects on other layers. In the stage area where there are no display objects on a layer, you can see through the layer below. You can also show/hide, lock/unlock, and reorder layers.

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Mask Layer

The display object placed on the layer under the mask layer will be drawn as a mask. By activating the mask layer lock, you can check the masked drawing status.

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Motion Tweening

Motion tweening is a type of animation that uses symbols to express movement, size and rotation changes, fades, and color effects. Curve points can be added from the right-click menu, and the added curve points can be controlled On/Off by double-clicking. If a curve point is no longer needed, it can be deleted with the delete key.

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Custom Motion Tweening

Custom tweening is the ability to customize tween movement speed and other parameters using curve pointers. Pointers can be added with a double-click, and added pointers can be controlled On/Off with a double-click. Unnecessary pointers can be deleted with the Delete button.

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Onion Skin

Turning on the Onion Skin feature allows you to see the movement of the displayed object before and after the specified keyframe.

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If you turn on the preview function and hover the mouse over a layer in the timeline, you can preview the drawing result of the display object placed on that layer.

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Like keyframes, JavaScript controls can be added on a frame-by-frame basis, mainly to make animations and movies react, and to control DisplayObjects on the timeline.

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